Bang! The blazing tree trunk falls to the dry, cracked earth. The bush, which used to be lush and green, is now dark black and the sky is streaked with fiery, red flames. Screams of terror echo through the night as people run to safety. Everyone hoping their prized possessions and loved ones are safe from the fierce flames.
The sound of sirens filling the air. People running one way, firefighters another. Children crying, babies wailing. Everyone sweating hard in the sweltering heat. The sound of car tyres screeching. Firefighters battling the blaze. Trying hard to win the battle. Saving homes and the environment.
More firefighters coming to the job. Men and women risking their lives to save their land. Trying with all their might. Not giving up to the fierce fire.
The world moves in slow motion as houses crumble and everything turns to ash.
Finally the last flicker of flames are put out. Families returning. Seeing what is left of their homes. Tears coming to women's eyes. Everyone sad about their destroyed homes. But happy they have one thing. Family.


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