"Wake up Kile!" yelled Jenny. "Huh what did you say?"
“Get up..." replied Jenny.
"Technically I already am so... What's for breakie?"
"I don't know yet but what I do know is that we need to leave now before everyone is awake," said Jenny. Kile know his mother too well and when she's hungry, like now, Jenny is most likely craving some frozen berries.
Once they are ready to begin their journey for food. Half an hour later they are sitting on the frozen floor eating some frozen but delightful berries. Kile hears a low snarl and is confused on what he should do, Kile hears the snow crunching and low but audible growls that surround them. Jenny looks over her shoulder to see a big black snout, a lot of fur and bloodshot eyes. She sees the knife like teeth and the muddied fur that almost looks black. She grabs Kile by the upper arm and yells at hi. To climb, while she is helping Kile she sees the hunger in the leader’s eyes as the rest of the pack slowly but deadly close in on them.
Once she believes Kile is high enough, Jenny begins to climb herself. In the distance she sees a strike of lightning, as she loses focus she begins to fall. She turns her head to see the wolves’ scared and retreading backs, she smile to herself knowing that Kile will be safe even though she won't. Jenny feels like everything is slowing down, including her falling.
She looks up to see her beloved son’s emotions, she gazes in his eyes and sees anger, sadness, confusion, but most of all regret.
Jenny mouths 'I love you' before leaning back to accept fate. She smells the cool winter breeze which consists of berries and blood. Jenny clears her mind and lets a frozen trail of tears escape, every tear for every emotion. She feels at peace just before the excruciating flash of pain, than nothing she sees, smells, tastes nothing but for some odd reason she hears the faint sound of crying and the last words she hears are, 'Mummy, wake up,' then nothing.


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