Back In Time

One stormy night, a mad scientist called Martin had an idea to make a time machine, so he could go back in time fifty years, so he could be the first person to go back in time.

So that night Martin the mad scientist started to make the time machine. When he was finished he went back in time fifty years. When he went back fifty years he started to make a journal of all the things he did.

Then all of a sudden the time machine he made broke. Now Martin couldn’t go fifty years forwards. It was a catastrophe martin was droopy all night. Then he suddenly realised that he was the first person to go back in time!

The first thing Martin wrote in his journal was, “Here I am stuck fifty years from the real world”. Just then Martin saw a wonderful thing it was his dad. In the real time his dad had passed away.

Then his dad introduced him to his best friend Jeff. Jeff was 34 years old and has been dad's friend for 10 years now. Martin told his dad and Jeff about the time machine.

Frank, Martin's dad was a mad scientist too so he had his own laboratory to make his own inventions.
So Jeff, Martin and frank dragged the bulky time Machine to his father’s laboratory.

It took about eighteen hours to rebuild the time machine. After they finished fixing it they all were all exhausted. Then all of a sudden a huge thought came into Frank's mind... Frank couldn’t go to the future with his son but he looked on the bright side.

Later that night martin went to the normal time. Martin was sad that he had to leave his father and Jeff but he knew he could travel back and do it again.