Lake Colac

The lake is drying up and we need to start thinking of things that will make the lake better and here are my three ideas and why.
Change the carp for a different fish. Why?
A) It will stop the mud getting stirred up.
B) If the new fish die, it won’t smell as bad.
C) You will be able to fish off the pier and you won’t have to worry about
catching carp.
Put a ferry with a see through bottom as a restaurant on the lake.
My reasons:
A) So people can enjoy a meal on the lake.
B) So you can see all the lovely fish that live in the lake.
Have a big boat with low sides going across to the boat restaurant.
My reasons:
A) So people can enjoy their ride over to the restaurant.
B) So that if it’s a hot day people can splash themselves with water as they move along.
C) So that heaps of people can travel over to the restaurant at the same
So as you can see I would like to do some new things to the lake when it dries out.

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