The Tale Of The Yin Yang

The Tale Of The Yin Yang

Once, a long long time ago there was a boy named Kai. Once he was in a forest named Wisp Forest wounded from a bear. Luckily he survived. He was wounded, but alive. He stumbled to a rock

“Oww..” Kai said rubbing his wounded knee. A kid wearing white appeared. The kid glowed.
Kai gasped in surprise. After that kid glowed his wound did`t hurt anymore! Kai gasped again, rubbing his eyes in disbelief, the kid wasn’t there anymore. Kai sighed sadly.”Just seeing things” Kai said sadly. But then realised his knee still didn’t hurt. “Or maybe he was there!” Kai said excitedly. Then he started walking home, he walked past the waterfall then past the daisy field. After about 20 minutes of walking he got back home. Then he realised he was hungry. So he made himself some Cinnamon on toast.

After he finished eating. He went to Kung-Fu lessons. After class he got a purple belt. After the ceremony he went home, had dinner and went to bed. Kai saw pure white dragon! Kai gasped and let out a silent cry. But then he saw a wound on the dragon. “What happened to you?” Kai said to the dragon. “Whats your name, if you have one?”

“My name is Yang. It was a scientist named Zodiac that wounded me. He stole my brother, Yin`s mind and made him attack me.” Yang said. “I’ll help your wounds heal, wait right there.” Kai said. So Kai grabbed a first-aid kit from one of his shelves and sprayed something on Yang’s wounds then put a bandage around the wounds.

“..Can you help me get my brother back? Can i count on you, Kai?” Yang asked “I Will!” Kai Said excitedly. They both trained themselves, Kai trained his Kung-Fu while Yang trained his Flamethrower, and other skills. Yang drew up a map to Zodiac’s laboratory “This is how to get to Zodiac’s laboratory.” Yang said Then drew a layout of the lab. “We’ll sneak in through the back entrance, In the main room, there will be a mind control machine labeled MCM we should turn it off. if no entrance, I’m sure we’ll figure something out. Oh, and by the way, I'm the kid that healed your knee.” Yang said and turned into the mysterious kid. Kai gasped in amazement “OK! Lets Go!” Yang said. Then they both walked out of the house. “Hop on my back” Yang said. “Umm...are you sure this is safe?” Kai said, then obeyed. “Yes.” Yang said. Then they flew all the way to the lab, after an hour or two, they get there. They snuck through the back entrance and got to MCM. But then, to Kai`s surprise, Yang tossed Kai not the machine, Closed and locked the small escape route and turned it on! “Oops, you served the wrong dragon!” were the last words Kai ever heard..

The End


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