Vacation At The Wrong Place

In 3500 A.D. On Wadesthan, Richard was planning on a trip to Fresdant after he had experimented a new formula. He books a hotel in Fresdant and after that he steps on the teleporter set the coordinates (x: -2190, y:1220) which is the Control Teleporter. When he has been teleported to the Control Teleporter, he has to choose the destination of where he wants to go on the screen. The destination which arrives in Fresdant is TP-10A90D so he goes to the teleporter and the recorded announcement comes on saying, “Teleportation commencing in 3, 2, 1” and Richard is being teleported to Fresdant instantly.
After he reached in Fresdant, he goes to the hotel that he booked and asks the reception, then the reception commands one of the androids to show Richard his room. Then the android showed Richard his room and it tells Richard that people are missing every night. Then Richard prepares his weapon which is operated by sonic which can be adjusted to various pitches. Then he takes a rest. Later that night, a scream comes out of the room at the corner of the room saying, “Help!!!” Richard rushes to the door peeping out to see what is happening. Then he saw some of the androids which are staffs of the hotel are carrying a girl out of her room. Then he follows the androids who later disappears at the corner of the corridor. Then he comes back to his room along the way, he found a survivor and asked him what happened and the survivor replied that his daughter has been taken. Later the survivor is known as John and he’s ready to fight.
As they were investigating where the androids go starting with the corner. John saw traces of the struggle along the way and disappears at the corner. Now they discovered a door which is near the edge of the corner which no one discovered. As they entered the door, they saw that the androids were not real. They are alien cyborgs that are disguised as androids. Richard and John has to find a way to stop them. But they have to discover the plans first. John asks Richard, “What’s the plan now?” Richard replies, “Wait.” One of the alien cyborgs says, “We must protect the machine while we operate our mission.” The second alien says, “Yes master.” Richard says to John, “Psst. You and me aiming for the machine.” “OK.” John replies. “Stop or get melted.” One of the alien cyborgs says while holding the weapon. Richard and John runs to cover and it starts to shoot. Richard ducks his head to dodge the beam wave and it hit the cover behind him. The cover disappears leaving no trace behind. Then John throws a mirror up to draw attention and when it fires. It hits the machine by accident. It kills all alien cyborgs and John rescues his daughter, thanked Richard for helping and they have a nice time at Richard’s place.


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