Hannah's Secret

Sarah is Hannah's best friend, they met at school and they do everything together. It's Sunday and Hannah's coming to the beach with Sarah.

When Hannah and Sarah arrive they run down the ramp to the beach. They start to build sand castles and swim in the ocean. Hannah's got a secret though. She's scared to tell Sarah, Sarah's parents know the secret. They sit down on the picnic blanket to eat dinner, pizza as the sun sets in front of them. Sarah's parents think it's time... "Sarah" says her parents "yes?" answers Sarah. "Do you want to tell her?" Sarah's parents whisper to Hannah. "Ok" Hannah whispers back.

"Sarah I don't know how to put this and you might not like this but.... I'm.. moving schools." Sarah's tummy stirs up inside. She tries to hold her tears in but they came rushing out like a river. "Please don't go" Sarah cries and then comes a vision. Sarah was at school and she sat at her desk and Hannah was the teacher and she said "you aren't my friend I faked it" and then she did an evil laugh "mwahahaha" then the vision ended. Sarah yelled at Hannah "I DONT NEED YOU, YOU EVIL WITCH." Then Sarah ran, secretly upset about her leaving.

In the car Sarah didn't dare look at Hannah. They dropped Hannah off at her house and drove to their house. When they got home Sarah went straight to bed and tried to sleep. Eventually she fell asleep and woke in the morning. "Good morning" said Sarah's mum, "time to get ready for school". Sarah got up ready to see Hannah but then she remembered. She ate her breakfast, got dressed, brushed her teeth and hair and packed her bag. She got in the car and didn't talk to her dad driving her to school. When she arrived at school she went straight to class. When the bell rang for school Sarah sat at her desk in silence. Ms. Callie called the role and sent everyone off to spelling groups. All Sarah could think of was Hannah.

The bell rang and Ms. Callie dismissed everyone for recess. Sarah sat down and ate her recess thinking about Hannah. Sarah was lonely without Hannah, but didn't have time to find someone else to play with. During maths Sarah just stared into space. At lunch time Sarah ate alone again. When she finished she decided not to look for someone to play with because it was too hard. For an hour Sarah just sat there and did nothing. Then lunch ended, they went in and they had music. The bell rang for home time the music teacher dismissed everyone. Sarah went home everyday wondering if she'd ever see Hannah again.


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