Valley Of The Princess

Once upon a time in a beautiful valley lived 4 princesses, each with their own castle. The reason why is because they are rivals. They have been rivals since the day they were born.
One day the 3rd princess Marianne found a necklace with three Ruby Hearts on it. As soon as the other princesses found out, they got incredibly jealous and argued over who would have it. Then the necklace started to glow and said,
“Whoever passes my test will win me over.”
So the Princesses started preparing for the test.
The Princess who went first was the first and oldest princess, Susanna. The first test was to tame a wild horse. She sat on the horse, but the horse tried to get her off. The Necklace shouted
“YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF ME!” The Princess ran back to the castle crying.
The 2nd princess Isabella went next and completed the first test. Then the Necklaced announced the second test was a riddle. It said
“You have 11 fish, 5 drowned and 9 came back to life, how many fish do you have?”
“15” Isabella replied.
“WRONG!” shouted the Necklace, “Fish can’t drown!”
So the second Princess left frustrated. Then the 3rd princess, Melissa was next and completed the first 2 tests.
The necklace said “The third test won’t be so easy! In this test you need to successfully complete this obstacle.”
But it was too much for her.
“At least I tried” she replied as she walked back to her castle.
Then the 4th princess, Lucy tried and completed the three tests, but there was still one more. She had to make something out of a tree but she only had one day.
“Your time starts now! Shouted the Ring.
Lucy decided to make a treehouse. By the end of the day Lucy finished. It was painted pink and sparkly and very big.
As soon as she showed the necklace her treehouse, the necklace congratulated her and said
“I’ll grant you one wish if you wear me.”
“Well then, I wish all the princesses in the valley would get along” Lucy said.
So the necklace granted her wish and they all lived in harmony.


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