Delhi Trouble!

Excellence Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

Delhi trouble!

I was in New Delhi and I was going to a large fort with my family. My uncle explained the history of the fort and the battle many years ago. I was excited because the president makes speeches at the fort and there is lots of history behind it.

At first I thought there was nothing to worry about but I was wrong. You have to go on a cycle rickshaw. A cycle rickshaw is a cycle that has a carriage but not a fancy one. It is so wobbly that it feels like your going to fall off!!!! My sister really liked it but I thought it was scary????.

When I got there it was dim, black dark. The fort was really big. It was red with large turrets.There was a lake around the fort but the drawbridge was open so we went in.

I went to the fort because there was a sound and light show. But then I found out the sound and light show was on the other side of the fort and there were no street lights so we had to walk in the dark for two kilometres. There were not many people.

Fianlly we reached the other side. There were just a couple of benches and a few people so we found a bench to sit down. There were lots of shadows and even if they were little they turned big. It was scary????

On the way back, my mum said' oh no! I don't have my wallet"and everyone started to worry. Everyone had to look for her wallet in the dark. But we couldn't find it so we gave up.

Everyone decided that it was too much so we headed back to the cycle rickshaw but when we got there the cycle rickshaw was gone and there were not many cars or trucks on the road so my mum was frantically trying to get a vehicle to take us to the hotel and everyone was very tired.
Everyone was having a hard time and we were all hungry but just then the cycle rickshaw came and the driver said"wait! you forgot your wallet". Once mum got her wallet, we all went home.

We had pizza for dinner and while we were eating it we talked about the interesting things. My highlight was pizza. What a good adventure!!

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