I woke up crying and screaming. That dream was something I could not describe in words. My parents gone, my friends and family dead, my pets gone. I had no one. My mother rushed into the bedroom I was sleeping in.
“Alyssa, are you alright?” she asked anxiously.
“N…nightmare. B...bad nightmare.” I said between small sobs. I was relieved to see my mum.
“Well, I know what will cheer you up.” She said soothingly. “Wha…What?” I asked.
“It’s Halloween today.”
I had stopped crying now. I jumped out of bed and rushed to the living room.
“Can we please start decorating?” I asked excitedly.
“Woah, calm your farm, Alyssa!” my dad, Pete said. “Emily! Can you wake Lily up?” Dad yelled out to Mum.
“Yes, Pete, I am now!” Mum yelled.
Lily was my little sister. She was 8. She came running down the stairs.
“Mum, where’s my cat costume?” I asked. I had drawn cat whiskers on my face. Lily came running into the room. She was going as a witch.
“Mummy said it was in your room.” she replied for Mum.
I got dressed.
We were trick or treating at the best house. We got 4 chocolates, 2 lollypops, 5 toffees and a jelly lolly from that house, each!
We went to the next house. It was 52 Tilvet Street.
“Alyssa, this house is scary.” Lily said.
“It’s just old, Lily.”
We walked in. “TRICK OR TREAT!” we shouted at the same time.
The door creaked open. An old man was standing there.
“So, you want candy, do you? Well come in, come in. The lollies are on the top shelf. I can’t reach them. You can grab them yourselves.” he said in a croaky voice.
“Straight to the point.” I whispered to Lily.
“Let’s go in.” she said back.
We stepped in.
I heard Lily screaming. We were in a cage. The man was standing in front of us.
“Whoops, I must have forgotten to turn my stranger alarm off.” he said mockingly. He laughed menacingly and walked away.
“Aren’t you going to help us?” Lily asked in a frightened voice.
“Lily, he meant to capture us. We’re prisoners!”
I woke up. I was still in the cage. My heart dropped. It wasn’t a dream. Hang on, in the movies, people can pick locks with a bobby pin! I took my bobby pin out.
“YES!” I said triumphantly.
The bobby pin theory worked! I nudged Lily to wake her up.
“What is it?” she asked sleepily.
“Let’s get out of here!” I said.
She stood right up. We tip-toed out of the cage. We got to the door. “NO!” the old man yelled.
He pressed a button on a remote thing. A big robot lifted out of the ground.
“Does anyone else think this looks like a movie?” I asked.
I grabbed my bottle of water and threw the water on the robot’s face. It fizzed and sputtered. Its head rusted immediately and it fell to the ground.
“Well that was easy.”
We ran out the door and ran home. Never again will I ever go to 52 Tilvet Road.


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