“Goodbye Jeff” said Miss Chrome when he was leaving her classroom. Happily he said “Bye” and kept walking.

When he got home, his mum said “Hi sweetie! how was your day?” Jeff said “My day was good” then he went into his room to play his PS4 but it was not there. He said “NOOOO!”. Jeff's mum walked in and said “What is the matter? Why did you yell?” “My PS4 is gone! Where would it be? Can i look for it today?” said Jeff. His mum said “No you have to go to bed, look for it in the morning.”

In the morning he was looking in his mum's room, his room and all the other rooms but it was not there. Jeff's best friend Daniel was at the door. Jeff said to Daniel “I have lost my PS4. I don't know where it is. Can you help me find it?’’ Daniel said “Yeah sure. Where do you want to start?’’ So they looked everywhere.

Jeff and Daniel went to Daniel's house they went into his room and found that there was PS4 games on the floor. There was a trail of games to his big brother’s room and he was playing it. Jeff remembered that he left it over at Daniel's house because he was going to help Jeff with a level he couldn't get past. Jeff brought it back to his place and was happy again. “Damn Daniel.”