A Beach Day

Excellence Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

Crash! A wave stumbled over me I thought I was going to drown.
I was getting clashed, I was feeling horrified and scared would I survive?

It was just an ordinary Saturday down at the blazing hot beach. Tom, Alex and Luis were swimming in the cool water. They went because it was a blazing hot day.

Tom and Luis were having a race, mum and dad were relaxing in the sizzling hot sand but Alex was trying call for help. Alex was gasping for air and a riptide started they were looking for Alex but they couldn’t see her. They all got worried and wondered were she would be.

They were horrified then she was going down, but luckily she realised her boogie board was there. She could only hold on for 7 more seconds. She raced; her heart was pounding 100 million miles per hour. She just got to her boogie board with 1 second left of air.
She had noticed she had drifted out she hopped on her boogie board and yelled out for help she started to paddle back to shore before she got there tom and Luis helped Alex to shore.

She arrived at shore lately, and decided she would never go out that far in the ocean again.


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