Earl The Chef

Once upon a time there was a dungeon beast his name was Earl he had a dream of being a three star chef but to do that he had to find the surface. Since he was in a dungeon he had to escape but the creators had made it impossible to escape from the inside unless someone found the entrance from the surface.
So Earl had an idea of hiding in a hole he dug to keep himself warm at night and when an adventurer came into the dungeon and loot it and follow them out of the dungeon so he did that.
Earl stayed very sly and when he climbed up the secret entrance when Earl got to the surface. He saw so many beautiful things he hadn’t seen before but he kept his mind to what he came to the surface for to be the best 3 star chef there ever was! But first he needed to go to cooking school.
On the first day of cooking school Earl found his rival Tony Pepperoni. Through cooking school Tony and Earl were at the top of the class. One day Earl snapped because Tony kept on hurting him and teasing so he slapped him and they both got sent to the office and they got detention the next day.
Tony and Earl didn’t have any problems after that day then the final test came to make a pepperoni Tony was so confident he made the base wrong and Earl took it slow and steady and put it in the oven late but when it came to judging the judges said “Tony’s pizza was perfect except the base” and said “Earl’s was perfect.” And he won on the spot and achieved his goal by becoming the best 5 star chef there ever was.
The End



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