Excellence Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

My name is Samantha. I am one of five kids. I am the middle kid, twelve years old. My mum's name is Jo. My dad's name is Casey. My older brother's name is Mathew. He is nineteen. Then there's Kattie, she is fifteen, then there's Andy. He is my twin brother and I'm only ten minutes older than him. The youngest is Paula but we call her Paul. She is three months old.
We are a very dysfunctional family and we always fight. Talk of the fighting, "Kattie, get away from me!" "You are driving me mad!" "Bad of. I can do what I want." "Mathew, stop attacking her." "Samantha, shut up. No, Andy, don't start." "I'm not." "OK shut all of you". "mum, we're sorry." "Yeah sorry, Mum." "Every one of you are to clean the house by the time we get back home." "Who do you mean by all of us?" "I mean Kattie, Mathew, Andy and Sam." "OK, Mum." "You know if you all were doing your homework and not annoying each other you wouldn't have to clean the house." "The next day we were going to bowling." "We were having fun till Mathew started on me." "I was winning and he was loosing." "He said that I was cheating because I had the bumpers on and he didn't." "He was trying to show of to every one there." "He was missing every shot he was going too early when it was his bowl." "My mum was coming second then Andy was next then Kattie." "Dad and Paula were sitting out because Paula is too small to play." "She's only three months old and dad has hurt his back."
"Right now my oldest brother is still being nasty." "I can't wait til he leaves home." "I will be so happy when he leaves." "He is a pain in the neck." "We still fight all the time." "He is still sulking about bowling and he hates loosing." "So he still thinks I was cheating." "Now Kattie isn't talking to me or Andy and especially Mathew." "He is very angry because while he was at this friend's house Kattie took his room." "Now he has the small one." "We all aren't talking at the moment because we all don't agree on everything!"

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