The dilapidated ruins of St Petersburg hung over the tiny bunker in which Anton resided. He opened the trap door to face the train station once known as Prospékt Prosveshchéniya. He beckoned to his companion who was waiting for him on the roof. Vasily gracefully climbed down to greet Anton.
“Where are we headed today?” inquired Vasily.
“Petrogradsky District”
“How many mags do you think we’ll need?”
“I’d say two should be enough”
“Glorious thing the Kalashnikov is. The guy who invented it, Mikael, said he made it to protect the motherland.”
“I’d say that it’s the only reason we’re still here.”
“How long ago did he actually say that?”
“About two hundred years ago.”
“Listen, the route we’re headed has been known for bandits. We should probably be quiet for now. Oh and if you die, try to scream as loud as you can. Oh and I forgot to mention, we’ll be travelling through the Primorsky District, so keep your gas mask ready.”
“Will we be stopping at Sdelka Ray?”
“Only quickly.”
The two then briskly began to march down the street, turning at a crossroad.
“Okay, gas mask on now,” commanded Anton.
“What’s up ahead?”
“You still don’t know the area around where we live?”
“I grew up on the other side of the city. But what do we need the gas mask for?”
“Radiation hotspot up ahead.”
Pulling the gas mask off of his belt, Anton stretched out the rubber and fitted it around the back of his head. Looking up to see Vasily already done made him happy. He had learnt much from him in just 7 months.
“Don’t let your guard down. Just because this place is filled with radiation doesn’t mean it’s empty.”
As if almost on cue a mutated bear strolled past a bit further ahead. Anton dived into the bushes leaving Vasily wondering what happened. Anton motioned for Vasily to be quiet and then pointed to the bear. Vasily hid behind a half destroyed wall and pointed his rifle at the bear. The bear then glared at him with his half destroyed face. Vasily let out three shots at the bear. All misses. Another three. Only one hit, but all it seemed to do was make the bear angrier. The bear was closing in on him now. Gripping his bowie knife, Anton leaped out at the bear, driving the blade into the bears spine, instantly killing it.
“I told you to keep your guard up! Bandits are probably going to be searching for us now.”
It didn’t even take the pair two minutes to start getting fired at. A shot landed right next to Vasily’s left foot. The pair dived down behind cover.
“That sounded like a big gun!” shouted Vasily.
“That’s 12.7mm of pain coming for you!” yelled an unknown voice in a psychopathic manner.
A small hunk of metal the size of a baseball fell beside the two. “Stay alive” Anton said as he threw himself over the grenade.


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