Katy In Concert

March the 1st
Hello diary, it’s Katy I am in an aeroplane heading to my first ever live tour in San Francisco!
I have had an awesome adventure so far! I need to put my seatbelt on now click! Yay we are landing in San Francisco. Adios. (That means goodbye in Spanish!)
March the 2nd
Hello diary, I’m just getting off the plane! Now it’s time to go and have a luxurious warm bath in my luxurious suite. I better go now diary, write in you later.
Hi diary I’m back now it’s time for me to get ready for my appearance in town. Now, what dress should I wear for my appearance? Should I where fluoro, stripes or skin colour with black swirls? I think I will go with skin colour with black swirls!!!
Now I’m going to get my make-up on and hair done. Now it is time for a short break and coffee.
It is time for me to get into the limo.
We’re here! Wow! The red carpet is awesome.
I see the Dance Mom girls Maddie and Mackenzie Ziegler, Nia Frazier, Kendall Vertes, Chloe Lukasiak, Paige and Brooke Hyland. OMG there is Guy Sebastian!!!!!
That's all for now diary write in you tomorrow.
March the 3rd
Hi diary, last night was a blast.
Today I am having concert practice and I start at 6:00am. It is now 5:30am so I better get ready.
Now that I'm all ready I can get in the limo and head to the tennis stadium.
Now that I'm here it is time to see what songs I'm singing and costumes I'm wearing.
The songs that I'm singing:
Black horse
Last Friday Night
Teenage Dream
And my costumes are:
For Birthday, a big fluffy feathery dress that is rainbow.
For Black Horses, a horse with black and gold swirls.
For Last Friday Night, a tight skirt, one green fluoro high heel and a pink fluoro high heel.
For Roar, a tiger costume with a tiger head hoody.
For Unconditionally, a dirty, filthy, muddy dress.
For Fireworks a glow skirt and a glow crop top and hair that glows.
It all looks amazing!!! I'm going to shine on stage!
Now it is time to practice for Birthday.
Wow! I'm going up in the air, now I have to soar down to the ground and then the backup dancers have to catch me. I'm not sure that I trust them!
Here I go!
Arrrrrrrrrrrrrr lucky that's over!
Now it is time for me to go back to the hotel.
Yay!!! Finally I get a sleep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Talk to you later diary, bye.
Now that I am awake from my nap I should have some dinner. What should I have? Lasagne, that's what I will have. Mmmmm, my butler will make it for me.
Yum! Dinner’s ready better go now diary, write in you tomorrow, bye.
March the 4th
Hello diary, it is the day of the concert.
I better get ready for the concert now let's get in the limo wow the stage looks amazing!
Now I can see that everyone is arriving. Gulp, I'm getting the nerves now!
The Foo Fighters are playing now. I think I need a shortbread and a cup of tea!
Now the Foo Fighters are coming off stage.
Let me just stand on the platform now. I'm going up, the crowd is cheering, now I'm getting attached to the string. Now I'm about to flip, the crowd goes wild. I start singing and everyone puts their glow sticks on.
It feels so great! That was my first tour thanks for sharing it with me diary bye!!!!!!


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