Laser Force

Boom,bang,crash! The sounds that penetrated my ears as I ran out on to the battlefield. I quickly took cover as bulltes rushed passed my head. I fired at the enemy, but they had the highyer grounds .

Then I saw my team getting shot. One by one we started dropping like flies. We retreated to get healed back at base , but the Rebels started taking some ground and destroying most of our defences .

As my life started fading away I saw my team rising up again to fight for their lives. My team, rushed up and took down all of there defences forcing us to move forward and take their base we raided the base and found the misels planes that were about to be yoused on our countrie we took it and celebrated I was so relieved that we won the war and got the misels planes I was so realived that I made out of Gallipoli alive .

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