Last Breath

A cold thick rope wrapped around my legs and pulled me under into the world of deep blue. I could feel my heart pound against my chest as if it was going to explode. I thought to myself, have I breathed my last breath is this the end, is my end going to be in the world of deep blue.
My lungs began to close in, ‘Was it time’ I thought to myself, was it time that I let the world of the deep blue take me under its wing. I thought to myself, ‘Why should I let the deep blue have the best of me.’ I tried to scream. No sound came out. The world of the deep blue has taken my voice. I tried to kick. It is no use. It has turned my legs into useless jelly.
I try using my arms to pull me up. It had turned my arms into a ton of bricks. I persisted. I am almost there. Just a few more stokes. My lungs were filling water. I could see colourful spots and stars all around me. ‘This is the end’ I thought, this has to be. I couldn't possibly do much more. Just as I was about to give up I see a welcoming hand reach out towards me. I used all the strength I had, which wasn't very much, but just enough to stretch my arm out that little bit that I needed. “GASP.” I had breathed for the first time in FOREVER. I survived the world of the deep blue!

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