I Guess I Made A Mistake

My owner should really be clearer oh you want to know great. So it was my birthday and people walk in with gifts and I wondered. All these gifts, for me it’s too much I thought. Ooh what if it was a scratching post or a squeaky toy! Or even a grooming set!! Gradually I wanted to thank my owner for the amazing party I mean no one is capable of putting together such a fantastic party except her. I walk in and I’m devastated she’s opening my presents I’m watching and when all the presents are opened I realize that they were never for me it was Sasha’s birthday and everything I’d ever wanted or even hoped for on my birthday wasn’t going to happen. I went to her room and sat there as gloomily as possible. While I was in there I saw something that something that was shiny I had the thought that it was going to be another beautiful gift my owner received but my curiosity got the better of me it was too tempting I cautiously walked towards it and see kitten toys I them put them back excitedly. She made my birthday awesome and when I remembered it was her birthday too I cheered myself up and made her birthday the best by purring and a few party tricks I was working on. After the party I sat with my chest puffed and my smile as large as ever on my face in her bed room as she rapidly hid the gifts behind her so she could surprise me. We sat and played for hours and hours as I hoped around trying to catch the mouse. At the end I got a beautiful collar with my name on in diamonds I loved it. It was exactly what I was hoping for