The Quest To The Forbidden

Excellence Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

“Come on, let’s go! Just a little over there and bolt as fast as you can,” Blue said to his sister Marsha.
By just a little over there meant past the two villager guards and past the sign that states forbidden.
“Are you carelessly mad?” said Marsha.
“Maybe I am, but please don’t be as slow as a snail,” said Blue.
“Fine, for family honour,” said Marsha.
Quickly, Blue grabbed the attention of both villager guards.
“Over here, come and get me,” as Blue teased the villager guards.
“Get back to the village immediately peasant,” one of the guards said.
Suddenly, the two villager guards start walking steadily towards Blue in a horrific manner.
“One, Two, Three,” Blue timed himself.
“You little rascal!” said a guard, as both guards start bolting towards Blue.
Unexpectedly, before Blue started to run for the Forbidden Mountains, he noticed a dark figure about halfway on Mount Hain. The figure was as calm as a millpond but its eyes showed a vision of itself taking down a million men. This dark extraordinary figure was standing upright below the mouth of Mount Hain, where no man has ever set foot and came back alive and where infinite power lays hidden from society.
Paying the piper, Blue and Marsha fled away to some close bushes near Mount Hain, unseen to the villager guards. Out of the blue, they didn’t realize that beneath the bushes were skeletons stacked one on top of each other. Extremely scared, they both sat silently, afraid and anxious of the fearful horrors that they have encountered so far.
Scared out of their wits and frightened to death, Blue and Marsha, brother and sister continued up the Mountain of Hain.
“Hurry up!” said Blue jogging steadily up the hill.
“Taking my time,” said Marsha.
Too fast for himself, Blue had suddenly encountered the dark figure in person and immediately stopped. Blue thought of positive memories, without setting his eyes on the wild beast. Both eyes looking in one direction, Blue glimpsed a head of a goat and a body of a tiger.
Still taking her time, as slow as a snail, Marsha tripped over this trap and in the nick of time, executed a boulder to appear right behind the violent beast.
“Whaaaaacckkk!” as the boulder bulldozed the beast carelessly.
At the speed of light, Blue quickly jumped out of the way, picked up Marsha and as fit as a fiddle, Blue dashed for freedom, not wanting his sister’s life and himself in danger.
Struggling to move forward, Blue finally stopped in an instance. He then set Marsha and himself to the ground safely, begging for the relief of thirst.
Somewhat, both Blue and Marsha started laughing, humoured by the journey they have travelled.
Bruised all over, Blue and Marsha got up carefully, not realizing that there was a river ahead.
“Wow, this must be it,” Blue said to Marsha.
“Yeah, all these years of waiting,” Marsha said.
Still too fast for himself, Blue beat Marsha to the river and drank Hain’s blood, thirstily. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the ferocious beast returned for its revenge, preying on Blue first.
“Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!” Blue shouted as he ran uphill like it was his very last time.
“Run Blue run!” Marsha shouted.
Still as slow as a snail, Marsha couldn’t keep up, but instead triggered a button which executed the fall of Mount Hain. As Mount Hain starts to collapse, Blue gets caught in a landslide in the nick of time, saving Blue from the beast’s claw attack.
“Booooooooommmm!” the landslide went.
“Nooooooooooo!” Marsha shouted in distress.
Forbidding the regret, Marsha sprinted her lasts steps downhill, in search of Blue.
“Why?” Marsha shouted.
All of sudden, the earth surrounding the remains of the landslide shook.
“Prhrhhrhrhrkkk!” as Blue appeared out of nowhere.
Not even a little bruise, Blue was as healthy as a horse. The blood of Hain has given Blue mighty healing powers, which he then used to heal his sister.
“So this is it, the journey ends here,” Marsha said to Blue.
“No Marsha, the journey just started,” said Blue in a mighty manner.


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