Sailing Through The Sky

Have you ever seen a young girl fall out of the sky?
It was this day, The wind blew against my face as I sprinted towards home. The place where there was hope, freedom and... Love. The slower I became, the more desperate I was to get home. As I turned the corner, I saw a girl plunging into the ocean and I rubbed my eyes, not believing what I had just seen. A girl in the sky? I must be dreaming.

I walked towards the ocean that looked like glittering jewels in the sun. I shaded my eyes and scanned the ocean, there, I saw the girl. Floating, still but stiff, she was still breathing though. I couldn’t just sit and watch her drown. I laid my hat onto the sand, took off my shoes, socks and my sweater. The sea would be freezing because it was winter but I jumped. I felt the wind brush my face as the water swallowed me. The water was cold but I swam towards her and dragged her hand onto my shoulder. It was lucky I was a excellent swimmer or I would have drowned too. I gasped as I reached the shore and flopped down. I let the sun soak into my skin but within a couple of minutes, the girl woke up. “Who are you?” she mumbled. I ignored that question and said “How did you come from the sky?” I glanced at her but she was gone. A week passed but one day when I came out of my classroom, she was waiting for me at the front gates. Everyone walked past her without a word. It seemed as if she could not be seen. We walked into the woods as I said “Why are we here?” “Shh...” She whispered.

She muttered a few words under her breath and a portal opened that was like a black hole. I didn’t know what to say, I just stood there thinking what I should say. The girl took her cloak off. Her blue hair flew in the wind, it was as if it was glowing. She held her hands out to me, “I am Eve,” she smiled. Her smile was like the sunshine, it warmed my heart and made me feel not alone. “Come with me,” she kindly whispered, “to the next world...”

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