Big Eyes Does Some Experiments

Finalist in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

Big Eyes is in the kitchen. I wonder what he is doing. Of course, he is doing an experiment because he is a scientist. But what experiment is he going to do? He is going to have Fireworks in his house. He makes a potion then the fireworks begin. Boom! Boom! Boom! went the fireworks, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and pink. The Fireworks are beautiful.
But Big Eyes wants to do another experiment. He was thinking that he could make a Walking Rainbow. A walking rainbow! How can you make a rainbow walk? Not that kind of rainbow. Big Eyes gets lots of glass cups and puts water in them. He then gets lots of tissues and folds them over the tops of the cups, then puts different food colouring into them. This is how it works - in one of the cups all the water climbs up the tissue and goes into the other cup. Then the colours mix together. This happens in the other cups and that’s how it works.
Now what is Big Eyes doing? He wants to do another experiment. Just one more. He wants to make a Lava Lamp. He gets an empty lemonade bottle and puts water in it then ads food colouring. He puts oil in and gets some salt to put in. Now it looks like it is lava and it looks like it is a lamp. That is why it is called a Lava Lamp.
Big Eyes is exhausted but his house is a mess and the kitchen is the messiest. Big Eyes gets a broom and sweeps the kitchen. He is really tired and falls asleep on the broom stick. Then the neighbours wake him up with the noise from their party. He does the dishes then thinks “I will do the rest tomorrow.” So Big Eyes has a wash, then dinner, then goes to bed.
The End

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