Wait...He Knows?!

Standing in the circle that surrounds the fight, I watch him. I watch how his body moves with each punch, how his muscles flex, how the sweat runs down his toned body. He's hypnotizing with his bare chest out, showing off all his muscles. He's also pummelling this other guy, not that he really had a chance in the first place.

Jayden Hutson is the outcast of the school, he scares everyone. Including the teachers. Well everyone except me.

The only thing that scares me is my past, everything else can kick my backside. Which kind of isn't possible since I'm also an undefeated underground fighter, except no one knows that.

You see at school I'm a nerd, have the geeky glasses and all. No one but Jayden comes to the fights and it's not like he even pays attention to me and will recognize me anyway. Which means my secret is safe, because I can't go back to being the old me. She's been locked up for good.

Jayden fascinates me though, I want to know why he fights. I mean we all have our reasons, either to just let out anger or something personal. Judging from the amount of time I've spent watching him... His reason is personal.... He's always so alone and even when girls throw themselves at him, he refuses.....

The dong of the bell breaks me out of my thoughts, I see the referee hold up Jayden's arm to signal he's the winner and the small crowd goes wild. I watch as Jay is collects his winnings, then goes and grabs his gym bag and gulps down some water. God his body is amazing.

He goes and heads to the bus stop down the road as he usually does, this time though I decide to be brave and talk to him.

I start to follow him, then look around and realize that I'm not the only one doing so. Three guys are trailing him.... This can't be good, in underground fighting you tend to make enemies.

Down the street a bit more, away from everyone is when they make their move. Obviously thinking that no one is watching. They all start throwing punches and trying to take Jayden's bag. He puts up a good fight but it's three against one. He can't fight them all off.

I run down to find that two of them are holding him while one is punching him in the gut over and over again.

I tap the big guy on the shoulder making him look around and punch him in just the right spot to knock him out cold.

Like a baby he falls to the ground, which surprises the other two enough to loosen their grip. Jayden pulls free and takes them both down.

"Not that I needed any, but thanks for the help Alexia," he looks up and smirks with his bruised lip.

Wait.... He knows?!

"See ya at school nerd."

Then he turns and walks away…