I Can Hear You

Erica Quinby was a regular high school student with regular high school problems. Until a horrific car accident sent Erica and her friends flying off the highway.
“I’m so sorry Mrs Quinby” The words echoed through the back of her mind in a cacophony.
Erica’s condition is… unstable. The events that transpired have induced a coma.”
An incongruous feeling swept over her like an evening squall. Coma? The sound of her mother’s weeping over took her own thoughts. If I’m in a coma, shouldn’t I NOT be able to hear? Erica, unexpectedly, opened her eyes.
In a fit of excitement, Erica sprung up, and without hesitation, raced to her mother to cease her despair.
“Mum!” Erica beamed. Neither Mrs Quinby, nor the doctor even glanced up. She waved a shaky hand in front of her mother’s face.
“No answer. In the reflection of the glary window, Erica was astonished at what she saw. The embodiment of herself, still in her hospital bed.
“No. Mum. Mum!” Erica tried to grab her, but fazed right through.
“Ok Doctor Osborne. Take care of her.”
Erica raced after her, desperately trying to acquire the attention of anyone. Not a single response. And that’s when she blacked out.
Erica was is in her car again. She listens to her friends scream about their ‘first world problems’ as she waits for the truck. If I remember right, it should be right… about…now.
Suddenly a colossal tow-truck rocketed from out of the shadows, coming to deliver these teen’s comeuppance.
She snapped back to reality. Mrs Quinby was at reception speaking with Doctor Osborne. Erica would just make out the echoing words; “I’m sorry ma’am, but other doctors believe it would be best to…disconnect Erica.”
“Oh no!”
Her mother starts to sob again but shakily nods her head.
“Think Erica, think! If I can’t obtain contact with anyone, I’ll die!”
She begins making her way back to her hospital room, quivering in fear. She started to think of disabled people, and how when one sense is blocked other senses grow stronger. Physically dead, mentally strong. As a nurse walks through the door, Erica focusses all her concentration towards the sink. Water. Hot water. Steam. At the sound of running water, the nurse approaches the sink. Erica begins to mentally edge the words; I can hear you, into the mirror.
“Who’s doing that?”
Erica, I’m okay. No disconnect.
The nurse began to frantically scream for the doctor, to the avail of three. Breathless, the nurse directs the doctors to the sink.
“Great Scott! Erica? Are you in here?”
Erica moved a bar of soap towards the four.
“We can’t disconnect her.” Explained one doctor, “There is a patient, room 104- brain dead. Opposite of Erica. I believe, with help, we could transfer Erica’s conscience to her body”
“Impossible!” another doctor rebutted.
“I’ve seen it before, on one other occasion. It’s risky, but it’s our only chance to save her."
Please let this work.