Fairytale Land

“Rose your turn on the court” the teacher told her. Zoey angrily stared at Rose waiting for her to take the court. ‘P.E the worst session in the world,’ Rose thought.
Rose hated P.E and dodge ball because she was the one that always got out first. Zoey was the mean girl in school.
Rose took the court, Zoey immediately flung the ball at Rose. She was mesmerised. Rose felt like she was falling down and down non-stop.
She woke up and court a glimpse at Zoey giggling. Rose was mesmerized again at Zoey’s ridiculously pink dress but as soon as she stood up Zoey left. “AAAAAAAAAA” Rose jumped back. ‘Where am I?’ she thought. She was confused by the unfamiliar place.
“Rose are you ok?” a familiar voice said. She looked up.
“Chloe!” she screamed. At first, she had no idea who was standing in front of her because of her gorgeous golden dress and crazy hair that looked like Goldylocks.
“You have to find the Wizard of Oz and he can take you home before the wicked witch of the west [Zoey] can kill you,” she whispered so no one could hear.
Rose ran to the palace. It was like Zoey new Rose was going to the palace.
When Rose got there the wizard looked confused and worried. “Is anything wrong sir?” Rose mumbled because he looked like her principal. “I can’t seem to find my wand,” the wizard explained.
They searched and searched but no sign of it. “Zoey!” Rose screamed, staring at her with the same eyes she did. Rose saw the shining wand in her hand. She reached to grab it but she missed. Her feet sped up the stairs and she jumped on Zoey, grabbed the wand and passed it to the wizard.
The wizard sent Rose back to class. She opened her eyes and, “Dodge ball really?” she mumbled. ‘Well at least I’m back home,’ she thought.
She went home and jumped on her bed and she realised she had a sore back. ‘I wonder what that was from? Oh that’s right, it’s from my day in fairytale land.


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