Fairy Island`

It is a normal day at Fairy Island. There is a girl called Coco and she does not have any friends. Coco went outside to build a little kingdom out of sticks and leaves. It looked amazing when she was finished. Then she went into the house and had dinner. After dinner she went back outside to have a look at the kingdom that she had made.
Surprisingly, she saw fairies everywhere. Suddenly they all disappeared.
Coco said “It is ok! You do not have to be scared. I will not hurt you.”
All the fairies came out to examine her. “Are you a giant?” They asked.
“Yes I am” Coco replied.
You smell like one!” the fairies said laughing.
Then Coco heard a little voice “Everybody run! The bad fairies are coming!”
Coco saw many black fairies. One of them came up to Coco and waved her wand. Sparks flew everywhere and then Coco saw many big fairies around her.
She asked “Why are you so big?”
“We are not big, you are small!” the fairies replied sadly.
“Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!” Coco said, “Why am I small?”
“The bad fairies came and cast a spell on you to make you small using evil magic” said a pink fairy. “Did you know your family is half fairy? That is why the spell worked on you and you must be very careful because the bad fairies will try to capture you. But the good news is that you now have beautiful rainbow coloured wings!”
“Wow! How exciting! Can you teach me how to fly?” Coco exclaimed.
“Yes I can! Imagine that the wings are under your control. Tell them to flap very quickly and fly!” said the pink fairy helpfully.
“OMG! I am flying!” squealed Coco excitedly.
“You can go anywhere you like” called the pink fairy. “Just be careful to stay out of sight”
But the warning came too late. The bad fairies swooped down and took Coco away.
“Let me go! Let me go!” screamed Coco but nobody came to save her. Suddenly Coco found herself lying down in a very big bed with fairies dressed in black clothes watching her. One said “Tell us your plans to take over our kingdom!”
“I don’t know anything about that.” Coco shouted. Then the straps holding her down broke and she made a run for it. Coco escaped the bad fairies and flew quickly home.
The good fairies put a powder on her and Coco became big again. It was very nice to be big and normal again. The only thing Coco missed were her wings and she did notice that she was always hungry. She asked the fairies if they would help her make a giant vegetable garden and they agreed. So Coco was fit and healthy for the rest of her life. She was very happy because she made friends at school as she always shared her vegetables and she had her fairy friends in the garden.


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