My Perfect Day

Finalist in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

Our imaginations can go anywhere we want them to go, we can think of the most mysterious places. We can pretend to be anyone we want to, we might even have special powers. I like to day dream and lots of times I end up thinking of the strangest things. Sometimes I get ideas from my favourite TV show or books and just sometimes I think of the most random things, like cows riding unicorns or pigs eating bacon! One of my favourite things to wonder about is, what my perfect day would be.
It would be where all my day dreaming skills come to the test. All my wishes could come true, it will be one spectacular day full of fun. So let the adventure begin!
Can you imagine waking up to the smell of biscuit! I can. On this day of mine, my walls would be made of ginger-bread and even better my bed made of soft gumdrops. My pillow is marshmallow! My teddies look like gummy bears! Yum.
Don’t worry, my bears are safe, I took a nibble of one’s ear and it grew back. Phew! My pillow was also tasty. My bears can talk too. The green one had awesome news. He said, “No school today, the weather is too sunny. Climb out your window and follow me.” Along a rainbow path we went, up the steepest of spiral staircases, I was feeling a little dizzy!
At the top of our climb, there were three doors. Choosing which one to open was difficult. Bear nudged me and pointed at door number two. Through we went. I could hear water. It was roaring. What? A water slide? A see through swirling one. Down and around we went, it took us under the sea. Hello to the fish and that enormous whale we passed.
Could I be so lucky as to be delivered to a tropical paradise? Of course, it’s the best day ever! Green bear looked as happy as me. We dried off and ate pizza until our stomachs ached. I could hear kids laughing and splashing about in the pool, it was my best friends from home. How did they get here? I couldn’t be happier.
We swam with singing dolphins. We versed Tigers at volleyball. I think they let us win! We got ice buckets for the polar bears. The trees grew tennis balls. We picked them and played fetch with the dogs, for us kids, there were flavoured coconuts. Pink ones were strawberry flavoured. Delicious!
As the sun began to fade, it whispered goodnight. The moon shouted hello and introduced himself. He was happy to keep us company until the night was over. He called himself Mr. Moon and loved strawberry coconuts too. I had to use all my muscles to throw him one!
He ended my perfect day in the best way, my adventure was over and back to real life for me, until next time!

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