Netball Dream

Everyone has a dream and my dream is to become a famous netballer. My mum says it may happen one day but I think it will never happen in a million years. My dad says if I put my mind to it I can do it, but I’ve got so much school work to do. Good grades equal good life.
I got a letter in the mail. I read it carefully. It said I had fifteen free tickets to go to the biggest netball game in history. I was jumping up and down all afternoon. Until I realised I had to pick fifteen people! I thought quickly. My netball team of course they’d love to come. I still need to pick six people… let’s see my mum, dad, brother, my Nan and my two uncles. I can’t wait!
Two more days until I go. Finally it’s time to go. I hope mum and dad hurry up. We are going to be late!!
The trip took so long, but we finally made it.
Wow this arena is massive! We headed into the arena and got in our seats. “Front row!” I screamed excitedly. The game started five minutes early. Its half time Australia is winning 59-48. My friends and I started cheering with our pom poms. It’s the end of the game and Australia won 96-89.
Now for some reason the Australia Diamonds are walking over to us. As they approach they say hi. “Umm hi,” we all say together. They told us we were invited to a game against them for a training session. Of course we agreed. So tomorrow we are having a training session with the Australia Diamonds.
Today is our big day playing against the Australian Diamonds! I’m so nervous………...The Diamonds taught us lots of drills that will help us in our netball. We are so exhausted but we had a great time and we met so many amazing netballers. Now I’m on the way home.