Netball Troubles

Lilly (BFF) and I were jumping up and down at half time. We were winning 15 – 30. Our coach says we are wasting our energy but we are fine.
With 10 minutes on the clock, I had the ball and was about to pass. I looked around for options and saw Lilly 15 metres away. I threw the ball at Lilly trying to get it as close to her as I could but my throw didn't go anywhere near her chest it went over her head. Lilly jumped for it but failed. I sprinted, to catch the ball. I jumped but failed, but it was then I heard a scream. I looked down to see Lilly lying on the floor crying.
Our coach was running towards us with an ice pack in her hands. “What happened” she asked when she had arrived. Lilly looked at me and said: “Lexie kicked me in the face.”
At home mum told me dad had to talk to me about something. I sat on the couch next to him and listened carefully to what he said: “Lexie” he starts. “Work hasn't been too good lately. I failed my last couple of assignments and…” he looked at me closely. “I got fired” he bowed his head. “You will need to pay for netball next week.”
I looked through my room. There must be some lose change somewhere. I had spent my allowance on buying a new dress so this was my only option.
I have tried asking Lilly for advice but she keeps ignoring me! In class during partner work when I ask Lilly she shot me a dirty look and goes off with someone else. I was in my bedroom reading a book when I struck a brain wave. I can sell something.
The next morning, I got everything out for my stall. School finished early because of teacher training, I got to work. I sold 3 glasses of lemonade in 2 hours thanks to Mum. At 4pm I had just about given up but then suddenly remembered something. I ran all the way to Lilly’s house. I rang the doorbell Mandy, Lilly’s little sister said, “It’s Lexie. Did you bring Snivel?” The door swang open.
“Oh.” She ran off and I saw Lilly coming.
“Hi” I said. She looked down.
“Lexie I don’t understand; why did you kick me?” I stared in shock.
“I didn't I promise. Yes, I know I kicked you but I honestly didn't mean to. You started to not talk to me and I got so upset.”
Lilly looked up: “I thought you kicked me on purpose. But now I remember you would never do that on purpose I have been so silly. Forgive me?”
“Of course” I said and hugged her.
She agreed to help me with my stall. We only got 4 more costumers but Lilly gave me the rest of the money I needed. I didn't care if Hot Shots lost I had my BFF back.