Netball Dramas

“Where’s my uniform,” Zoe asked. She was getting ready for school, but she was very late. Zoe was meant to meet Ella, her best friend, at the bus.
“It’s on the lounge,” her mum yelled back. Zoe quickly got dressed, grabbed her bag and ran around the corner to the bus stop. She even forgot to say goodbye to her mum. Ella was already there and was about to hop on the bus, but she turned around and saw Zoe running towards her with her bag slipping off one shoulder.
“Hey Ella, sorry I’m late. I accidently slept in!”
“That’s ok. Quick, get on or the bus will leave without us!”

They arrived at school and saw a bunch of girls looking at the noticeboard with excited looks on their faces.
“What’s going on?” Zoe asked.
“There’s a netball try-out coming up and whoever makes it in will go to the district carnival.”
“Awesome,” said Zoe. Zoe really loved netball and played it all the time at home.

Zoe was very nervous the next day at the try-outs. The whistle blew and the game started. By the time the game finished, Zoe was very puffed and her legs were aching. Ella told her other friends that Zoe was the best player on the court.

The next day they announced the netball team. Mrs Mac, the sport’s teacher, began calling out the names. Zoe was crossing her fingers and her toes! Mrs Mac called out Zoe’s name. She was very happy.

A week later, Zoe and her mum travelled to the district carnival. Zoe was starting to get butterflies in her tummy. Mrs Mac called all the girls into a group and gave them their bibs. Zoe was getting very nervous. She was standing next to her opponent, feeling like she was going to faint. The game started. All of a sudden, Zoe’s brain went blank because she was so nervous and she forgot how to play. Mrs Mac yelled, “Run for the ball Zoe!” Zoe didn’t know where to go. Mrs Mac had no choice but to call her off. Zoe was very embarrassed. What was she going to do now? Just then, Tara tripped over her shoelace. She had grazed her knee very badly, so she had to come off. Mrs Mac told Zoe to play better this time or she would have to go back off.

When Zoe got back on the court she tried to play as hard as she could. She was catching all the balls and throwing amazing passes. Zoe was probably the best player on the court. After the game Mrs Mac told her that she did very well. Zoe’s team won the carnival. That afternoon, Zoe’s Mum made Zoe her favourite dinner because she played so well. Zoe rang Ella to tell her what had happened, as she always liked to share good days with her best friend. Then she went to bed and dreamed about netball.