Fair Fun

“Finally” yelled Sophia. Its Fair Fun day! April the 5th is today which is Fair Fun day!!! The day I have been waiting for all year… the day where the family goes out to a fair! We made this celebration up so we get a fair amount of fair time. Then I started singing, ITS FAIR FUN DAY TODAY, ITS FAIR FUN DAY TODAY, ITS FAIR FUN DAY TODAY, ITS FAIR FUN DAY TODAY!!!!!! Even Sophia’s parents, Chloe and Steven were dancing and singing!

I am so EXCITED!!! Until… when they went on the internet and saw that……. ALL THE TICKETS HAD BEEN BOOKED! What are we going to do? I have been waiting for this all year, and now I has to wait another year. What am I going to do? This celebration that I love I have to miss this year. Then Sophia went up the 50 stairs in the house very slowly and sadly. It took her 16 minutes just to get upstairs!! When she got upstairs her parent called her back downstairs. Now that took 1 minute because Sophia said what, what, what? Did you get tickets??? What, what, what? When Sophia was downstairs her parents “said” Not exactly.

We found another fair that is open, has tickets and is the biggest fair in all the world! Now just for you we are going to America today to go to the biggest fair in the world just for YOU!!!! It is a 20 minute drive not too far. YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! Her parents said you are so cute. On the way to the fair they were all singing, the wheels on the car go round and round, round and round, round and round. Sophia couldn’t help but laughing about her parents that she could barely even sing! But, they were just having a bit of a laugh! When they got to the fair they first went on the Ferris wheel which was 82 feet tall. It was so fun! After the Ferris wheel we went on the Spider! The spider wasn’t my sort of thing… because it felt like I was upside down! It was really, really, really, really (this went on for hours but I'm not saying it all because it would waste paper, which would mean more cutting down trees, which means less air!) My dad had lots of fun though! He had the biggest smile a person could have ever made in the history of SMILING!!!!!!!!! It was a straight face - isn’t it so big! I was being (SARCASTIC) lets go on with the story… after the spider we couldn’t find any other rides so, we went to get some food. We got a Kebab each! In mine I got meat only! We all had a really fun day and couldn’t wait for next year! I hoped you also enjoyed the day! Bye!


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