When I was 8 years old, on 2nd January. At 8:00am. I yelled yeeehh! In the house. It was the best day, because there was the dancing concert held in my town. I love dance so much, but the problem was, I was having no idea how to dance at that time. I love to see dancing concert and see how they are dancing.

I went to see dancing concert. They were the best dancers in my country. I was watching the concert, at that time I was feeling that, they are dancing so good and I can’t. The dancing concert was finished I was crying out side of the hall. Someone knocked my back. I saw backside, for a minute I can’t remember who that was.

Then I realized that see was the girl who was the best dancer in that concert. “Why are you crying?” She asked me. I told her my problem. My problem was I loved dance but I can’t dance. “No problem at all”. She replied happily. “I can’t understand”. I asked, she said that she will teach me dances. “No” I yelled in anger. Then I went home without saying something. Next day I was thinking about that girl. Then I think that if she can teach dance to me then I can learn dance from her as well. I went to that girl she was ready to teach to me.

For 2 years she thought me dance, while dancing we became best friends. Her name was Thalia. Everyone called us that you both look like sister, because we wear same color clothes every day. We eat together, we do home work together, we play together, and we does everything together. Whenever I dance with her I feels like I am learning dance with the world best teacher. She was dancing very well. She was the prettiest girl in the world. She was very polite and she was the best. Because of her I won 2 grand final and 3 concerts

After 2 months in the holidays I went America with my family. Thalia was sick so she can’t come. After one month we came back. I heard news that Thalia passed away in the car accident. I was shocked, everyone was crying. After few days I need to finish Thalia dream. Her dream was, that when she grew up she wants to teach dance to small – small babies. I really wants to fulfill her dream.

• She was the important person in my life. She thought me that how to build a confidence. She was the best friend ever. She was the best dancing teacher ever. Now also I love her and I respect her. She was the best person in my life.