Don't Go Into The Forest

Merit in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

One stormy night, in a little cottage lived a little boy named Matt. He lived with his father, his mother and his grandmother. Matt was an adventurous boy, he loved to play at the park next to the forest.
One day Matt got bored playing at the park so he sneaked quietly into the forest. The forest was stinky, sticky, infested with bugs, and scary. Matt saw a group of fairies and elves and walked to them. Matt looked at the fairies and elves in a weird way. The fairies wore rainbow T-Shirts with pink sparkles on their shorts. The elves wore green tights with an orange tops that had yellow mushrooms on it. They also wore pointy hats.
In the late afternoon Matt still hadn't realised that he was trespassing. The fairy's and elves trapped him.
Matt was missing for two hours. His mother, father and grandmother were worried sick. Matt fought off the fairies and elves. He had to climb over Mushroom Mountain and had to swim through a stinky swamp. Matt saw a fairy and said to the fairy, "Why do you hate trespassers?"
The fairy said, "Because little kids like you take pictures and we thought you might."
"I would never do that," Matt replied.
Matt got out of the yucky, stinky forest. He ran as fast as he could home.
When he got home he ran into his mother’s arms. His father said, "Where have you been?"
"I was in the forest of doom!" Matt said excitedly.
Matthew's family were in shock.
Matt's father said, "Matthew Smith stop fibbing!"
Matt said, "I'm not! There were fairies and elves! When I was in the forest I didn't know that I was trespassing, fairies and elves trapped me but I escaped."
Matt's mother said to him, "We have been looking for you. l have been praying to find you and we did! We found our beautiful boy."
Suddenly the door slams, a mysterious man walked into the house. The man was actually an elf dressed in disguise. Matt saw his orange top with yellow mushrooms on it peeking through his long cardigan. Straight away Matt said to the mysterious man, "Get out of my house!"
Matt's mother said, "What's going on?"
Matt said, "I'll get rid of him."
The elf ran out the door and then he charged back at Matt.
"Get away!" Matt shouted.
The elf didn't give up until Matt pushed him into the forest.
"If you ever come back here you will be in big trouble! Do you want to be in trouble?" Matt questioned.
The elf said, "No I don't."
The elf ran out of Matt's house immediately.
Matt's mother said, "Who was that man?"
He said, "It was an elf."
Matt's mother said, "How about we go to bed?"
Matt said, "No I want to stay up, I'm too excited about my adventures!"
"Come on it's time to go to bed!"
"But mum!"
"No means no and that is final."
"Ok,” Matt said.


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