Taken Alive

As I rock back and forth in the dark, shadowy corner, I catch a glimpse of a girl trembling with fear. I use all the strength I have to pull myself up. Slowly, as I stagger forwards I gasp at the sight of a man with black holes where his eyes once were.
"What am I doing here?" I scream out with the slight feeling of regret. He doesn't answer, he just stands there in silence. I wonder if the young girl knows anything I think to myself as I make my way Slowly and carefully over to her.

As I reach her she suddenly shoots up with the look of pain and revenge, she probably thinks I'm one of the cruel, torturous people who put us in this cellar.
"I'm just like you, I'm a prisoner!" I scream out as she sinks her dirty fingernails into my arms. I exhale a breath of relief when finally she pulls them out.

I look into her cold blooded eyes, I can see her pain, her hurt!
" What did they do to you?" I enquire
" They tied me up, they hit me, they left me to die in here! We don't stand a chance against them "She says with the expression of sadness in her voice
We just stand there in dead silence staring at each other until I feel a tug on my shoulder I hurriedly turn around and then standing in front of me was the man, the cruel, horrid man with no eyes.
He grabs hold of my arms, I try to pull back but he has a tight grip! I scream and cry as he drags me across the cold, hard, rocky ground!

I screech with pain as the blinding light stuns my eyes. As he forces me down into a chair I try to fight back, but I'm too weak I can hardly lift a finger. I scream and beg him to let me go but he just stands there, but then, he suddenly walks away.
I think to myself I'm by myself this is my chance to escape! I rock back and forth, I slam the chair on the ground and then the chair breaks, I quickly pull the ropes off and start running. I run back towards the cellar to free the girl.

As I reach her I feel an excruciating pain ache through my body I lay my hands on my chest and look at the blood gushing out, I slowly fall to the ground, this is the end as I take my last gasp of air I say to the girl with tears trickling down my face
" Promise me you will stay strong and never give in "
she looks at me in despair " I promise , I promise with all my heart" she says
I take my last glimpse of the light and my last breath of life this was the end.


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