Land Of Small People

Jeremy and his father are voyagers sailing in a ship called the star sailor. Jeremy is a short small boy who is well built. Jeremy’s dad is tall and muscular man who is very old .Their ship and they survived treacherous sea storms and deadly shark attacks. They have said around the world several times finding new lands, this time they are sailing to find the land called Tasman’s land.

Jeremy and his father were sailing across the Philippines Sea when they encountered a thick cloud of fog, spreading out towards them. Jeremy’s father wanted to explore the fog thinking that they will find new unknown lands there that they can map. They turned the boat and went straight towards the fog and into it. The fog was thick and blinding, the air was too dense and humid to breathe. Jeremy and his father were feeling light headed and dizzy. They both dropped down to the floor, concussed. The fog cleared and the air was normal. Their ship crashed into the shore of a mysterious island, breaking its hinged rudder.

They climbed out and off their ship. They were very cautious because they did not know how the natives were or even if there was people living there. Jeremy and his father saw very small houses and tents set across the land. Jeremy saw a little man walking out a small house. The small man suddenly spotted Jeremy and his dad. The small man yelled out and many little men with Armour and spear came towards Jeremy and his father, they took Jeremy and his father to a big tree and tied them to it. A fat small man came to them and said “do you think you can get away with killing us u terrible giants”.

Jeremy’s father said “we do not want harm, we come in peace”. The small fat man stopped for a while and then whispered to other small men. The small man said “how can u speak, Giants don’t speak they only come here, kill and invade our island”. Jeremy said “we will help in with whatever you need only in return for the repair of our ship”. The small fat man said you two could help us defeat the giants who will arrive soon and we will help you. They heard a crash and boom; it was the arrival of the giants. Jeremy and his dad went to their ship and got some gun powder they blew up the giant’s ship and they set a trap which all the giants fell into.

The small men were all happy that Jeremy and his father single handily defeated ten other people. The small men helped repair the ship and Jeremy and his father was ready to set sail back home. On the way back the fog cleared. Jeremy and his father decided to keep it a secret between the both of them. The both returned home after a long eight years of sailing around hate world.

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