My Worst Enemy

Excellence Award in the 'Top Secret 2016' competition

Hello, my name is Georgia Louise Smythe. I’m here to tell you about Stacy Rose Williams, my worst enemy. She has been my worst enemy since I moved here from Tasmania, but I like to call it Tassie. Anyway I’m not here to gossip about where I came from, I’m here to talk about Stacy.
Stacy Rose Williams has been teasing me for years now and it’s getting really old. Every time I tell her to stop she just keeps saying silly rubbish to me. Like that time I wore my favourite skirt she said “that doesn’t look nice on you; it looks like a fat homeless man’s pyjamas.” The teacher heard so she went to detention.
A couple weeks after that she pulled my hair so I kicked her. It was a bad thing to do I know but she deserved it. After I kicked her she said “sorry!” I was shocked. She had never said sorry to me before. “Excuse me?” I asked like I didn’t hear her. “Sorry!” she answered me again. “Why did you say sorry to me and why are you always so mean all the time,” I asked her. “Because I’m jealous of you!” she shouted quite loudly. She was JEALOUS!
That’s why she’s always continually rude to me because she’s jealous. Why she would be jealous of me, I wondered. She has everything! She’s rich, she’s pretty and her Dad’s the school Principal. Why on earth would she be jealous of me? I went up to her again to ask her another question, but before I could talk she asked me something amazing, she asked me “Do you want to be friends?” “Of course, but you have to promise to never be mean to me again,” I said. “I promise,” she replied.
Ever since then we’ve been BFF’s. Oh, I forgot to tell you one more thing. I asked her why she was jealous of me but it’s a long story.