Landon's Random Life

On Friday after school I went home to a lonely sad and sick sister, she begged and begged for warm milk, so I left her and went outside and started walking. Then out of nowhere, my mum pulls up and says, “Quick get in and get your sister we are going to the airport.” I replied with, “Where to?”
“Sweden!” Mum replied with excitement. I was excited as well so we rushed home to get my sister, then we rushed off to the Airport. But all the tickets were sold out. We were sad until a man approached us and said, “I saw you miss your flight, I have Sweden tickets that I don’t want.” He said, “You can have them so you can have a nice time!” We thanked him dearly then I realised we had 13 cousins In Sweden. I haven’t been more excited ever.
We got there and we got to see glass animals being made in front of us. A few days later, he went out to go fishing with our family. My Mom’s dad worked at the glass making factory and made people tons of glass animals and statues. My family and cousins went to the glass making factory and the man made us a light blue penguin, a polar bear and two mushrooms that were blue and creamy with dots on top. After that, we went back to the house, it was a two story with over seven rooms! I was jealous because I always wanted a two story with a pool, it would probably be my dream house.
A few weeks later after lots and lots of fun in Sweden with my family and cousins, sadly we had to leave in one day. Hours of fun went past then, ‘Ding!’ “NOO!” I screamed. My Mum and Jessie came in and said, “It’s time.” I hid in the bed as if they didn’t see me or I didn’t want to come out. A few minutes later, we are leaving. We’re at the airport then ‘BEEP!’ “Sorry folks, flight to Australia is cancelled.” My sad droopy face slowly but very fast turns into a big grin. I yell out, “WOO!” I get to stay in Sweden!”
Everyone walks in the door all sighing then I come in last, “Woooo!” as I jump in the door. I said, “Let’s get this party started!” Everyone looks at me, like I’m crazy, but I don’t care, we all went to a park and I made a really good friend named Rick. We liked playing with each other every day doing challenges and jumping up and down in snow, one time we did the ALS Ice bucket challenge in Sweden. “Sooo cold!” It was my turn first. I almost bailed and didn’t do it, but I did… Seconds past as it flips onto my head and down the back of my shirt, 0MG! I was flipping, hoping to find some hot water. I dove in the snow and saw something...
To Be Continued!

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