Halloween Treat

Once upon a Halloween, I was out doing what you usually do on Halloween. I walked up to a house, about to say “Trick or treat!” or “Happy Halloween!”
I heard an ear-splitting shriek! I jumped in fright! But no one was there. My tummy started feeling weird, I knew someone was watching me. I looked around the house.
I walked up and knocked on the old, wooden door.
All of a sudden, someone hit me! The next thing I knew was that I was locked in a rusty, smelly dungeon! I called out to see if it was a mistake. But I realised it wasn’t.
So I screamed at the top of my lungs, “Help! Can anyone hear me?”
I heard a deep, evil reply, “Yes... I can hear you.”
It was a dragon! Well, I think it was a dragon... it was dark purple with rough scales and scars everywhere. It had medium sized, dragon wings. But the strange thing was it had a fluffy, yellow duck tail and an orange duck-bill!
I really didn’t want to be here! How on earth was I going to get out of here? What should I do? What does he want me for? Will I stay here forever? And more importantly… Will he make me Chelsea Noodle Soup?
These were all the thoughts racing through my mind.
I decided I would need to think of an escape plan. I could hear a snoring sound and looked around to find a filthy fur ball in the corner. I tiptoed over, and I whispered, “Wake up” and I tapped the furry creature. As he uncurled himself, I could see long ears and a cute, dirty nose. My dungeon friend was a bunny!
I could already tell he had been there for a long time because there were scratchy tally marks on the wall. I asked him if he had ever tried to escape. He told me that there were keys on the wall, but he couldn’t reach them. I knew I couldn’t reach them either. We were doomed!
Just then, the dragon stomped down the stairs shaking the walls. He was holding enormous slices of bread. Oh no! He was about to make us into a sand-human and bunny-wich!
I felt like I was going to faint, but I needed to do something. The bunny was hiding in my jacket so he wasn’t any help. I cried to the dragon “Please don’t eat us!”
“I need to eat you so the other dragons at school will think I’m heroic, not silly, with my duck-bits!”
I told him that bunny and I could be his real friends, IF he didn’t eat us. He ummmed for a while and decided we would probably make him throw up with too much hair. He opened the cage door, let us out and followed me home. Now I have to explain to mum why there is a bunny and a weird dragon at the tea table!


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