Halloween Night

The bell rang and everyone found their seats, April sat next to Skye and Cassie sat on the other side. The teacher told them to get out their books.
During class, the girls couldn’t stop talking about Halloween. The teacher saw them talking, he went over and asked them to get on with their work. “DING” the bell went to go outside to play. During playtime the girls ran around playing on the playground, they stop to talk. April asked what the other girls were wearing for costumes, Skye said she was wearing a mummy outfit and Cassie said she wasn’t telling because
someone might steal her idea. The bell rang to go inside and all the girls had different classes until the end of the day. The bell rang to go home and April went home with Cassie.
They got home and Cassie got out her outfit and put it on. It was a dead bride’s dress with blood splattered down the front. She tied up her long black hair and put fake scars on her pale arms. After Cassie finished getting ready, they walked to April’s house and April got out her costume and put it on. “0MG you look amazing,” said Cassie. “I am a princess skeleton,” replied April. Both of the girls walked out the front door and walked straight out the front gate and off to Skye’s house. They arrived at her house, knocked on the front door and walked in. Skye wasn’t even dressed and she was watching a movie. April walked in with Cassie and sat down. She was watching a movie about the Grim Reaper. It was a Halloween night and a bunch of girls were walking the streets, knocking on every door. The streetlights were flickering on and off. One of them screamed, they dropped their candy and ran. The lights stopped flickering and the girl’s candy was on the ground but they never reached the end of the road. “Come on girls,” said Skye’s mum, so Skye got into her mummy outfit and off they went out the front door and down the road. “Do you think that movie is scary?” said Cassie. April gave her a look, “No way,” said April.
The girls had a full bag. They started to finish their trick or treating for the night. “Just a few more houses please,” said April. “Fine,” replied Skye. They went to a house and April turned around and saw someone dressed up as the Grim Reaper. April looked like she was a bit scared. They were on their way home when they realised they were being followed by the person in the Grim Reaper costume. They started running but so did the person in the Grim Reaper costume. They ran down a dark Street not far from Skye’s house, the lollies were falling out of their bags, but they kept running, but they never reached the end of the road…


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