Dancing On Ants

“Look out! Be careful! Mind those ants!
Get off there now or they’ll be up your pants.”
Tom’s danced across the nests since he was little,
Never scared, he’d dance straight trough the middle.
Such an unusual habit formed,
He would scamper the nests every chance he saw.
His skittering developed quite a technique,
Enough to make his grandma freak!
Tom tried to coax me to make an attempt,
I’d sprint as fast as I could on my little legs.
A nest big or small it doesn’t matter,
If it’s filled with ants is something he could tackle.
Maybe he was trying to prove his bravery,
Or just watch the ants squirm like crazy.
I will always remember Tom dancing on ants,
(As an adult, he still takes up any chance.)


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