Last Breath

Last Breath

Depression, it hits everyone hard. Elle a 13-year-old girl, faced depression in the last few days of being at St Millers. Elle was a vibrant and happy girl who put on a mask every single day and night to hide from her family and friends that she felt alone. Elle had many friends at St Millers her best friend was Ivy. Ivy and her shared everything, they were always at each other’s houses every weekend and they shared every secret about each other. Well at least that’s what Elle made Ivy believe, until the 8th of January 2015.

On January 8th Elle had woken up to the sound of her alarm beeping aggressively at her. As she dragged herself out of her warm and tear stained bed. Her eyes bloodshot, she ran her hands through her dark brown hair with her arm full of cuts, scars and bruises. She turned on her shower to full blast and walked into the warm and steamy mist. The water trickled down her pale face and down to her bruised and fragile arms as she stood their thinking about her life and how miserable she was. 10 minutes into the shower Elle’s mother bashed on the door and yelled to get out of the shower. Elle turned off her shower and wrapped her dark green towel around her body tightly. Elle had continued to get ready for school, as she went to go give her mother a hug goodbye, her mother had realised the cuts and bruises on her arms hidden by her jumper. Elle’s mum pulled up the sleeves further and ran her small tanned hands up Elle’s arms to feel all the wounds, as she quickly pulled away and said “Elle, what is this?” Elle replied saying that she had fallen over on a rock, but Elle’s mother did not believe her.

As Elle had been in third period she had been thinking about what had happened with her mother, when all of a sudden the loud speaker announces a message “Could Elle Fisher please report to reception promptly, thank you” Elle’s teacher gives her a nod as Elle collects her books and pushes in her chair and walks out of her classroom with her head downwards, every head turns to look at her in disgrace and whispers are started wondering what had happened.

Elle walks to the office slowly, she opens the door and walks in with her head down. Her mum and the principle are sitting in the principles office. Elle is asked to take a seat, she places her books on the table and looks at her mum with her bloodshot eyes and continues to sit down. The principle continues to explain how her mother and the teachers are worried about her mental health and continues to say that she needs to be fixed. As there conversation goes on for many more hours, Elle storms out of the office in tears and is shaking. Elle runs to her locker whilst many thoughts go through her head, she collects her bag and runs home.

As Elle takes her keys out of her bag whilst wiping her tears off her face, she unlocks the door quickly and throws her bag down onto the floor. Elle runs to the bathroom and looks in the mirror to see herself with a full red blotchy face, dried up tear stains on her checks and bloodshot eyes. Elle turns on the bath and steps into the warm watery steam, as she takes her last breath…

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