Damsel In Distress

I slam my door shut and angrily dump my school bag, slumping onto my bed. My parents continue arguing as if I wasn’t even there.

Mum yells louder, “It’s your fault! It was your-,“

“It’s my fault isn’t it? Every little thing is my fault” booms Dad.

I roll my eyes, their words ricocheting off walls and towards my bedroom. I roll over and grab my book that was placed carelessly on top of my nightstand in my early morning rush and opened the well-worn, dog eared pages.

'Thomas galloped towards his castle on his mighty steed, grasping his sword with valour. He could hear the damsel’s screams in distress. He grew closer to the castle’s drawbridge but before he could cross, a ghastly dragon appeared. Thomas gave his horse a nudge and they were on their way to the damsel, dodging balls of fire and hot, licking flames.'

My door burst open and instead of my parents, Thomas and his steed trotted through the doorway.

I didn’t have time to blink before Thomas was urging, “Quickly, my damsel, we must leave before the flames become too hot to bear!” he yells.

I rise shakily from my bed and begin to walk towards him. Thomas reaches down and grasps my forearm before swinging me up and on to the back of his horse behind him.

“Hold on tight, my damsel!” Thomas choruses, before the horse quickly turns around and gallops out of my room. The hallway of my house disappears and instead lies a huge cavern with a 50-foot high ceiling and cobblestones under the horse’s hooves.

“Duck!” Thomas shouts before a swirling fireball zooms over my head.

The horse picks up speed as the exit from the cavern is in sight. The horse quickly diverts to the left as another shot of fire is sent towards us and scorches the bottom of my school skirt. The horse again picks up his speed and a flurry of flames scalds the spot we were just in. We finally exit into the cool night air where we are engulfed in a thicket of tall, evergreen trees. The horse slows to a trot as we hear in the distance the dragon screech and flap his wings.

“I promised you that I would get you out safely, my fair damsel,” Thomas says, glancing over his shoulder at me. I let out a breath of air I didn’t know I had been holding in and wrapped my arms around Thomas’s torso, placing my head on his back. I close my eyes and suddenly, everything popped.

I opened my eyes again and I had bumped into the white picket gate in my front yard. I look up and I’m looking at the houses across my road with their lights on as everyone settles down for the evening. My parent’s voices pour out onto the street and echo around my neighbourhood with my front door wide open, one lone light on.

It was only just a dream.