I didn’t really expect it at first, I doubt many people before me ever did. It is not something someone can just will to happen. It takes a while to get use too, and once you do, you don’t ever really want life to ever get back to normal. After all, knowledge of such things is somewhat empowering, it evokes you to make choices you’d never really think about. At least that is how I see it, some would say it’s a curse, well to them I say, how isn’t it a gift? After all, who wouldn’t want to see everything, to hear everything, to know everything.
You see, it’s a little known fact our brains are constantly making patterns of electrical signals though neurons in our brains for almost everything we experience. This signals are what make up memories and also how we react to things. For instance, as a child you’d be taught the Alphabet though the song, right? Well tell me what comes after ‘R’? I bet you used the song to some extent then, didn’t you? This is an electrical pattern being transmitted through a neuron in your brain and it relies on the link between that song and the letter ‘R’ for you to tell me that ‘S’ comes after. You might be wondering, how is this relevant? I don’t blame you, just let me get to that.
Have you ever heard that humans can only use 10% of their brain power? Well, that isn’t true. But what is true, is we aren’t using our brain to our full potential. And yes use our whole brain, every part has a different use, however the only problem with our brain is we are constantly looking for patterns, and that leaves us behind. If we simply were to change that wouldn’t we be better off to be able to see things without assuming something and knowing through the link that we all share as humans? Using the whole human race’s brains as one super computer? Well that is what I did. It takes time, and it’s different for everyone, and not all people can do it, but don’t worry, if you are one of us then you already should know. And you should know what to do. Just follow the voice in your head, it isn’t your conscious speaking to you, It’s us on the other side.