Jack looked out of the train window at the sea of children and wondered how many of them had had their homes destroyed, or friends or family dead. He thought back to a month ago when everything had started.
One day when jack was coming home from school on the underground when he heard distant rumbles overhead and the lights on the train flickered as more rumbles could be herd overhead as the train rocked towards the station. As he climbed the steps he could already see the damage caused by the first wave of bombs. He could see 3 fire fighters and an ARP warden putting a fire out in a destroyed shop. Even though he knew he should run to the air raid shelter he ran in the opposite direction towards his house. As he turned into his street he gazed in horror at what used to be his house, a bomb had hit the front of the house and the walls had collapsed inward the stove must have been on because there was a raging inferno where the kitchen use to be. He watched in horror as two ARP wardens dug in vain through the rubble in what use to be the living room. He could see the corner of his bed hanging over the edge of what was left of his attic bedroom. “No hope” one of the ARP said “must be buried under 5ft of rubble”.
Suddenly the air raid siren sounded and brought him back to his senses. He started to run towards the air raid shelter near the underground entrance. As he turned in to the next street he was nocked of his feat as a bomb blew the shop next to him. Be for he could he could get to his feat a bomb landed on the sewer entrance and there was a huge BOOM as the methane in the sewer exploded and blew half the street apart. Jack was berley conscious as he crawled towards the small entrance in the ground that was the entrance to the air raid shelter as the next bomb exploded and sent shrapnel flying every were one of the pieces hit him on the head and he was knocked unconscious .
The next thing he remembered was waking up in the hospital and being told he was being evacuated as soon as he was well And that was how he had end up hear on a crowded train heading to who knows where but he thought as the train pulled out of the station were ever he was going to it had to be better than what he was leaving.


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