Waiting Like A Feline

Waiting in the yard
Waiting soft and silent
Waiting for the night to fall
Waiting for my friends to creep along the fence
The atmosphere is tense tonight
Slowly, carefully surveying my surroundings
I discover that my friends have arrived
My friends are black as midnight, brown as treebark, patterned like human clothes
The colours blend into the shadows of the night
The felines wait softly, silently, and patiently
I yowl, “Begin the search for prey”
A Siamese who looks remarkably like me speaks softly
“A family of mice, a burrow full of rabbits, a tree that’s home to squirrels”
We slowly prowl along the fence and ground
Hindquarters tucked in, bellies down, crouched to the floor
The hunt begins in earnest
We divide into packs
We cautiously go in for the kill