Falling Stars

The creepiness of the wind slipped through the cracks of the roof. Gusts of nothing blew, testing the walls around me to their limit. I huddled under the thin blankets, begging for it to stop. There was no mercy with this weather. Was I Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz sequel?.
I was getting so sick of this noise. I had been tossing and turning for hours, willing for sleep to come. But tonight, something was holding me back.
A loud gust raged, shaking the windows drowning my whimpers.
Laying on my side, I looked out the window at the clear skies. Although the wind caused havoc on earth, it still couldn’t cover the brightness of the stars. They shone with pride and giving hope to anyone who would believe. At times like this though, it was getting harder and harder to believe anything.
When I was younger I would believe a single falling star would solve all my problems. I would wish for a Ferrari or a boyfriend. Weird huh?
Then my parents being the liars that they are ruined it, and told me a falling star was just a meteor going through our atmosphere. They were just liars. Liars! Liars! Liars! Evidence; Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, do I need to go on?
I felt broken when they revealed this to me, I would always look for that saving grace star, falling to earth to grant my wish. Now, a few years later, none of my wishes have ever come true. My hope sucked into the twister of reality.
The wind still blew and I whimpered again but kept my eyes on the stars. A loud bang made me jump and close my eyes in fear. I forced them back open. A flash of a streak lit up the sky.
A falling star.
It was quick, but graceful as it raced across the sky, ending in a matter of seconds. In those few moments of euphoria, every thought fell away and my mind went blank in awe. I hadn’t seen one in years, and the night I do I am thinking about them not existing and there being no hope.
I screw my eyes shut and make a wish. ‘I wish for a happy, healthy life.’
My eyes fly open at another bang.
A small smile grew on my lips. Just when I was starting to think there was no hope. Somebody out there heard me and wanted to show me a sign, not to give up just yet.
Well thanks for that, now I will never, never, ever give up.



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