A Blessed Collision

These mislead words roll out off my tongue and into a blazing car crash.
I slammed the breaks with defeat, yet, it was all too soon.
The light kaleidoscope of colors once shun from my face
now emit a heavy stench that would rather be enclosed.
And as I follow the trail of my deceits, brimming my drinking cups over with poison, a hazy thought occurred to me. I have lured myself here.
This track was no longer clear to blindly trace.

Yet I do not expect understanding, when I myself cannot comprehend these thoughts, nor align them in order of sequence.
Since then, it is a victimizing walk towards everyday as i attempt
to find my place whereI’m nowhere to be screened.
I seek an ideal faithful figure, but the exterior crumbles in crowds of glass
and for my sake, I pray. Where all the crystal pieces fill my misled ears,
ringing faint whispers of sweeter ordeals.
MAYDAY… mayday. Maybe, one day.

But for now, this is where I will be lead astray; head down,
clothed warmly inside my kindly gifted body bag as I patiently
waited on for tomorrow’s breath to transport me into free fields
with no armored shields and a safe place to fall, unsealed.


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