Faiz Shaik

When I was born
I felt like my life was torn
Everyone acted like I was a thorn
That night in my dream I saw myself as a unicorn

When I was three
I saw a phenomenal tree
And on that tree was a sparkly yellow bee
I thought it was going to like me instead it was just beastly

When I was five I arrived at school
All the students and teachers were all indeed cruel
On a forty two degree day no one let me in the nice pool
Everyone humiliated me and thought I was a big fat fool

When I was seven life was turning out bad
All my life I was sad
Never was I glad
Always just mad

When I was ten things were getting hopeless
I thought when I grew up I was going to end up homeless
No matter how much strong I tried to look everyone thought I was just incapacitated and boneless
My life was just was just barbaric and atrocious

When I was twenty one I met a man
By one look I knew he was even a hundred times better than superman
In my opinion he was even more attractive than batman
He made from a madman to a businessman

From that day I was extremely optimistic
My life was just so fantastic
No matter what I always felt energetic
You might not believe it was it was really realistic