If you were me, what would you be?
You think you’ll be perfect but you would be a failure just like me.
You think failure is losing , but it’s actually learning.
When losing becomes your thing ,winning becomes your wings.
You’ll take your first flight, when you’re golden bright.
Sometimes I feel like a loser essven though I’m the winner.
Everyone experience doom, when you’re ready to bloom.
If you don’t experience a loss, you can’t be the boss.
If you’re the best, you’ll fail a test.
If you want to be the best, you got to go through the mess.
If you failed, you still won’t get fried.
You’ll get fried up when you give up.
Failure is a part of your life so don’t try to personalise it.

I wrote a poem about having a growth mind self because mistakes aren’t always bad. Mistakes can actually help you learn new things.

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