Garden Of Eden

Finalist in the 'Word Zone 2016' competition

A glistening dew drop, a single, silent stream
The leaves dance like a mosaic of gold and green
The river lies sparkling like a sleeping snake
The moon, a pearl, lies over the garden, awake
Verdant strands of sifting grass swirls in the wind
Vibrant flowers face the sky with a coruscate grin
A garden of purity, yet sin will prosper in trial
A rose will grow thorns, no matter how vile
An ominous glow brings a sense of serenity
This could be the knowledge that fuels humanity
What once brought clarity now clouds the mind
Evil will overrun what once would have shined
Blessed or cursed, the blossoms will wilt
The animals will flee in calamitous guilt
Live in the moment and you’ll watch the seeds sprout
The Garden of Eden, while beautiful, is full of doubt